WPS Premium Letterpress Plates for DRY OFFSET

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Available in analogue and digital
A broad portfolio tailored to your specific needs

Wifac can offer you a high performance metal back substrate plate for all dry offset applications. All odd sized products such as metal or plastic tubes as well as margarine cups, buckets and covers can be printed giving excellent results.

The WPS Premium Letterpress Plates can improve your print quality and is consistent to innovative prepress solutions.

We like to emphasize the following highlights:

  • Completely solvable in water, no residue in the water
  • Superior plate durability
  • Precise repeatable plate making, with high detail retention
  • The plate can be used for many re-prints if cleaned and stored properly
  • Hold fine highlights, shadows and reverses
  • Available in analogue and digital

A hard resistive formulation makes WPS Premium Letterpress Plates ideal for long runs with solvent based inks. Their durable PVA formulation resists swelling.

The WPS Premium Letterpress Plate helps minimizing dot gain resulting in finer details and higher quality image reproduction.

The plate can be obtained in a wide range of custom cut sizes and thicknesses without expensive surcharges for custom orders. The plate is also available with feather steel substrate for easy use on magnetic cylinders.


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