The AGFA company offers glossy and matte films in rolls and sheets. Agfa also manufactures chemicals for developing these films – developing solutions and fixing solutions.

The name AGFA guarantees a very extensive know-how in the development and production of film. Agfa films have a constant high quality and are very user friendly, which reduces errors and waste.

The Agfa Alliance (rapid access), DigiDot (hard dot) and ImPower (hard dot) film are available in the following types:

Kind Application
Contact Negative working daylight film, suitable for directly copying field and line originals.

Camera Very sensitive, negative working film.

Recording Open hard dot, Rapid access or Hard dot red- or blue- sensitive film, for use in recorders with HeNe lasers, LED array, Argon laser, infrared and red laser diode.

For each type of film we supply the corresponding Agfa film chemistry. Many types of film and chemistry are in stock with us.