HUBER is a German giant producing a complete range of supplies well-known on the Bulgarian market. The brand has made a name for itself thanks to the many years of providing quality products.



ECS is an English company headquartered in Nottingham which manufactures cleaning supplies, water additives, powders, lacquers, sprays, etc. The lacquers produced by ECS are of special value considering their price/quality ratio.


pdficon C200 – Everyday GP Plate Cleaner

pdficon C201 – Power HD Plate Cleaner

pdficon C203 – Gum Arabic

pdficon C214 – UV Plate

pdficon C500 – Hydrowash

pdficon C604 – Hydrobio

pdficon C651 – Elite 60

pdficon DM100 Goldfount

pdficon DM159 Chemfix

pdficon DM171 Chemfix

pdficon PP006 – Orange Hand Cleaner

pdficon SND220 – 15 Micron Spray Powder

pdficon SND221 – 25 Micron Spray Powder

pdficon SND222 – 30 Micron Spray Powder

pdficon SND450 – Silicone Spray

pdficon SND451 – Anti Oxidant Spray

pdficon SND452 – Anti static Spray

hausleiter_logo HAUSLEITER is a company which produces chemicals for the printing industry.